Farm Holidays - Glurns - Vinschgau - South Tirol

In the area

Time passes at a different pace….

The beautiful facades of the houses say: being here is being home. Settlements that have built up over generations. Unconventional, with unexpected views. Here things are still as they should be.

Glurns, the smallest town in the Alps, is a place with an unmistakable character: a perfectly preserved town wall, guard towers, and medieval streets and arcades, nestled in a magnificent mountain landscape.

The Churburg Castle stands proud and imposing above the town of Schluderns, telling of the centuries of glory and misery, joy and suffering.

Mals – Burgeis
The market town of Mals, with its many towers, has the feel of a bustling town. Around and about there are many small villages and fields lovingly tended by farmers.